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     Medical Center Taguig
    The Next Beacon of Health in the Heart of Taguig
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     Medical Center Taguig Healthcare Services
    Get the best healthcare services....
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     Medical Center Taguig Facilities
    Enjoy ultra-clean facilities and highly courteous staff...

Soon to rise in the heart of Taguig City is Medical Center Taguig, a modern 10-storey  building with 100 beds capacity that will be equipped with  modern facilities to serve in-patients and thousands of out-patients daily for medical and other healthcare services.

Medical Center Taguig has highly-trained medical  staff to deal with major and minor medical problems –  consisting of full-time doctors, each specializing in their own medical field of expertise, reinforced by a team of part-time but highly qualified health professionals. Our medical team also consists of a host of caring, considerate and compassionate nurses and staff at your service.

Truly, Medical Center Taguig is the next beacon of health in the heart of Taguig City.

Meet Our Medical Team and Staff

Members of our MCTCI Medical Team are some of the best and brightest healthcare practitioners in the country today…

Top of the Line Healthcare Services

Get affordable and up-to-date healthcare services from our ultra-clean facilities, modern laboratories, and state-of-the-art medical and diagnostics equipment…

Reliable Service

Explore the many services that you and your family will get from Medical Center of Taguig City…


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